Solitaire 500 Card Payphone

The Solitaire 500 Card Payphone is designed for use in supervised locations and accepts a prepaid Magnetic Stripe Card. When the card is swiped the unit dials a pre-programmed access number connecting to the LCT IVR platform. The Solitaire 500 'handshakes' with the IVR and then sends the phonecard account number, embedded in the magnetic stripe. On receipt of the account number the LCT authenticates the account number and verifies the funds value. Providing sufficient funds remain in the account the caller is prompted to dial their number.

Solitaire 500 Schematic


This process enables a payphone operator to deploy and operate a payphone network very easily as all management is performed centrally through the LCT IVR platform. There are no tariffs to upload to the payphone, there is no cash collection to worry about and all tariffing is managed through the LCT web interface.

The case design allows the Solitaire 500 to be equally ‘at home’ free-standing or fixed on a wall or shelf and a Liquid Crystal Display makes it easy to operate. As you become more familiar with the extensive facilities the unit offers, you may customise the settings of your Solitaire 500 to suit your own particular needs.

The Solitare 500 is a product of Solitaire Payphones.