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This is an online registration form for customers requesting FreedomCall's Residential or Business service. This form does not ask you for any financially sensitive information such as credit card or bank details and is used to notify FreedomCall that you require their Fixed Line service on your telephone number(s). When you have told us how you would prefer to pay we will send you any appropriate forms by post.

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To keep our terms competitive, we operate strict credit terms. Please do not take this as a personal slur against you or your business. We can only offer such competitive tariffs by avoiding bad debt. We therefore insist that all invoices are paid within the agreed terms days unless otherwise agreed in writing with FreedomCall. FAILURE TO DO SO MAY RESULT IN YOUR SERVICE BEING SUSPENDED UNTIL THE PAYMENT IS RECEIVED AND CLEARED. This would result in the loss of service.

  • FreedomCall provides you with a first rate personal service - all we ask is that you, in return, make your payments within our terms.

  • Payment accepted by cheque, debit or credit card through PayPal or BACS transfer.

Please check this box to confirm you wish to transfer your telephone line(s) to FreedomCall. Please read the terms and conditions first.
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