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As we approach the new digital age for telephony Broadband and landlines are changing. We're getting you ready for the digital world with our latest fibre broadband only packages that don't use a phone line.

Essentials is our standard offering and the simple transition package from current "old" fixed line to the new Digital services.

The underlying technology is called "Fibre To The Cabinet" or,  FTTC. This uses fibre optic cables from the local exchange to the nearest "cabinet", the green boxes one sees on street corners and pavements.  Information is transmitted through them using light rather than electrical signals.  Fibre optic cables can deliver data at rates thousands of times faster than copper cables.  The remaining distance between the cabinet and your home is covered by slower, copper cables.  

FTTC is the internet connection used today by the majority of homes in the UK.  For many homes, FTTC is powerful enough to cope with the general demands of a regular sized family.  £25 a month, minimum 6 month contract to include non Premium Rate UK calls (Reasonable usage terms apply).

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